Understanding Advanced Biomechanics

Biomechanics is the study of mechanical laws that relate to the movement or structure of living organisms – in this case, people. Traditionally, a visit to a podiatrist meant that you were simply examined and offered a standard solution for any problems with your hips, legs or feet. Advanced biomechanical podiatry is the study of the human body as an engineered functioning biological machine and how that affects your physical performance. So instead of simply looking solely at individual parts, oz-pod looks at everything from how you move, to how your different body parts are working together.

We use advanced biomechanics to diagnose and find lasting solutions for problems with feet, ankles, knees, legs and hips. Our use of biomechanics means that we never use ‘quick fixes’ to your podiatric problems and seek to treat the source of your condition rather than just the symptoms. We look at the impact your feet have on the rest of your body as well as the impact your body has on your feet. Advanced biomechanical podiatry differs from traditional podiatric treatments by examining your body as an entire ‘mechanical’ unit. We understand biomechanical anomalies of your legs and feet can cause specific conditions, pain and dysfunction in your feet, ankles, knees legs and hips and all that they support. Your consultation with oz-pod begins with advanced diagnoses using the most current methodologies in podiatry and biomechanics.

Once oz-pod has determined the cause of your problems or your desired health goals, we will then recommend your specific treatment plan which may include a range of treatments such as mobilisation, dry needling, wet needling, retraining, strapping, orthotic therapy and more. Our understanding and implementation of biomechanics within our practice means we will work to resolve your presenting complaint and also help you improve your performance, prepare for physical events and achieve your specific goals. oz-pod can also help to diagnose and treat podiatric developmental issues in children.

Conditions We Treat

oz-pod clients include children, sports people and elite athletes through to members of the general community. Typical podiatric problems may be related to improper development, occupation, sport & recreation. They can also come about due to an underlying mechanical fault of that person’s leg or foot. Most often, a combination of all these factors results in podiatric injuries.

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