Is oz-pod For You?

Podiatry for all types of people

Active Lifestyle

Is your active lifestyle being affected by symptoms of foot, ankle, leg, knee or hip pain? Are you becoming less active due to mobility issues or perhaps a recent or past injury? oz-pod will help diagnose the source of your symptoms using the most up to date podiatric assessments that include a complete understanding of bio-mechanics.

If you are a regularly active person then you would already understand the critical effect of different parts of your body working together as a unique and effective kinetic chain. Our understanding of bio-mechanics means that we can not only diagnose and treat current podiatric issues you may have, but we can also help you reach optimal performance. If you are currently active and want to stay active then oz-pod’s advanced bio-mechanics and our range of up to date podiatric assessment and treatment options will keep you moving at your best.

Is oz-pod For You?

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