Oz-Pod Philosophy

Helping you achieve long term pain free performance through comprehensive understanding
of your individual biomechanics


oz-pod was founded on over 20 years of practice by Dominic Salvemini incorporating podiatric biomechanics  with a unique paradigm of modern assessment and treatment modalities.

After increasing frustration at the continued erosion of the podiatric profession by other disciplines attempting to treat foot and leg conditions. oz-pod was developed as a Brand for the public to recognise as a centre of Podiatric Biomechanics excellence. It is place where the client knows they will receive the very best in assessment and treatment modalities and deal with practitioners of only the highest calibre. It is a place to be recognised as the immediate “go to” for musculoskeletal conditions of the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and all that they support.

Created to provide more than just prescriptions for orthotics and instead offers functional, hands on diagnosis and treatment to identify people’s conditions and underlying aetiology.

oz-pod is at the forefront of podiatric biomechanics for analysis and treatment for conditions and performance issues of the lower limbs. Dominic has developed his practice into a tried and tested formula of analysis of biomechanical factors and assessment of acute or chronic conditions to provide detailed individual treatment plans.

Our aim is to give our patients long lasting, holistic results by finding the source of their problem instead of simply alleviating the symptoms. We work with a variety of clients from children with developmental  issues and injuries, to those leading active lifestyles and wanting to overcome or avoid injury, athletes looking to improve their overall athletic performance, right through to patients who are presenting with age related podiatric pain.

Dominic Salvemini

Founder & Director

Dominic has been working with podiatric biomechanics since 1997 and founded oz-pod because of his passion for providing long term results for his patients. He saw a need to provide a more comprehensive podiatric service by using up to date biomechanical assessments and combining the many streams of treatment modalities that years of practice has allowed him to develop. He has provided patients with comprehensive and targeted treatment plans to achieve success with conditions that were otherwise untreatable or poorly addressed by previous treatment.

He is a member of the Australian Podiatry Association, AAPSM and Sports Medicine Australia and has been involved with some of Australia’s pioneering biomechanics practices. His work has allowed him to help treat elite and amateur athletes, children and members of the wider community. His broad range of experience in podiatric biomechanics has allowed oz-pod to focus on long term solutions for common problems with feet, ankles, knees, legs and hips.

Our Values

oz-pod treats the source of your problem and not just the pain
oz-pod provides a personal and professional service
oz-pod believes in using the most up to date podiatric assessment and treatments
oz-pod uses biomechanics to better understand and treat your condition

Why oz-pod?

If you want to find long term solutions to your foot, ankle, leg, knee or hip pain then oz-pod will use specialised biomechanics to find the right treatment for you. Our practice’s highly personalised assessment, treatment and monitoring means that you will have a better understanding of the causes of your ailment. Our aim is to not only alleviate pain, but to also find and resolve the causes of your podiatric problems.

We are different than most podiatric practices in that we look at your body’s overall biomechanical function in order to create your best possible treatment plan.

Monitor & Review
Monitor & Review

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