Pregnant Feet


During pregnancy, specific hormones are produced to enable the distension and extension of your ligaments and connective tissue in order to accommodate your developing baby. These same hormones affect the ligaments throughout your entire body. Your Feet and legs which are carrying the extra weight of you and your developing baby are therefore prone to splaying, stress, strain, and dysfunction. This can cause injury and immobility during pregnancy as well as ongoing dysfunction and conditions of the leg, feet and all that they support post-pregnancy.

Often times your feet will undergo such significant change, that they are unable to recover to their normal structure and function post pregnancy, setting you up for an ongoing succession of injury, stress and poor function of your, feet, ankles, legs, knees and all that they support throughout motherhood.

We recommend the prevention of injury and immobility during and post pregnancy through assessment, maintenance and treatment to ensure your foot and leg function is not lost during pregnancy and in turn your motherhood and recovery from pregnancy are not hindered by immobility and injury of your legs and feet..

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